Dolores Campground Rockin’ with RVs

The Dolores River Campground has been unexpectedly busy with COVID refugees this summer, much to the surprise of its owners, but they’re grateful, and they’re adjusting to COVID restrictions.

How MZCO 4H Kids Coped with COVID

Kids still raised their livestock and competed for ribbons for this year’s Montezuma County Fair. We visit a few to find out how they coped with this year’s pandemic.

Dolores Becomes COVID Refugee Mecca

The tiny town of Dolores just north of Cortez is jumping with activity these days from COVID 19 refugees who bring their RVs to enjoy the great outdoors and who want to enjoy some town events.

Cortez Police Chief Wants Partnerships

The recently appointed police chief of the Cortez Police Department says that community partnerships are key to addressing the root causes of criminal behavior in the city.

Library’s Important Community Role

The new director of the Cortez Library says that libraries aren’t dying, they still play a vital role in the health of a community, and she wants the Cortez library to help the region thrive.

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