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We can help you effectively reach locals and tourists with your marketing message or brand advertisement. We are in 4 communities, 3 airports, and 2 of the top ski towns in the USA. We specialize in helping local 'brick & mortar" businesses connect with "real" local consumers, when they are within proximity of your business.

Using our network of digital displays strategically placed in high-traffic locations around town, we broadcast wholesome, quality, local news, supported by local and regional advertising. We then amplify these stories and advertising to desktop and mobile viewers using our online news portal, which allows people to watch online or subscribe for daily updates delivered to their desktop or mobile device.

Because our local news is relevant and typically features people, places and topics that are recognized and important to locals, we attract their attention to our stories and to your advertising message. For the price of a single Online Banner Advertisement, we can broadcast your dynamic video advertisement 8 to 12 times per day in each location, all month long.

Highlight your business to montezuma county Travelers!

Local News Montezuma has a display in the waiting area of the Cortez Airport. If you are wanting to reach local and tourists travelling in and out of Montezuma county, this is a great place to do it.

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