Job Searching in a Pandemic

With unemployment claims making the news almost as often as surges in the coronavirus, what are local employment agencies doing to help job seekers find jobs? By Hannah Robertson. Sponsored by Serious Texas BBQ and The Payroll Department.

What to Eat for Lunch to Stay on Your Health Plan

Dr. Ashley Lucas, founder of PHD Weight Loss, offers lunch menu ideas to keep your new healthy eating habits on track and to avoid that afternoon slump. Sponsored by PHD Weight Loss.

Glaucoma, the Silent, Sightless Disease

Dr. Moss Fenberg with Southwest Eye Consultants explains just what glaucoma is and why it's so important to get treatment. Sponsored by Southwest Eye Consultants.

Significant Cuts to McPhee Water Releases Ahead

Local farmers who rely on irrigation water from McPhee Reservoir can expect significant cuts to their water supply this summer with water levels at some of their lowest since the reservoir began filling in 1986. Sponsored by Farmers Insurance Allen Michalak Agency and Region 9 Economic Development District.

Silverton Excursions Resume

All aboard! The Durango & Silverton Train will resume round-trip excursions to Silverton this summer. Sponsored Carver's Brewing and The Timbers at Edgemont Highlands

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