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Performing Arts for Youth and Adults in Montezuma County

April 19, 2024

Anita Burleson, who runs LB Productions, is now teaching improv, dance, and musical theater classes for youth in Montezuma County. She also offers voice lessons for children and adults. Upcoming offerings include summer programming for youth and additional after-school classes. Learn more and join a program at ​​ By Ilana Newman. This story is sponsored by Blondies Trophy Room and LOR Foundation.

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Montezuma County now has a new option for kids after school activities. Anita Burleson recently moved her business, LB Productions, to the area. She now offers improv, musical theater, and dance after school classes for kids. You're watching the "Local NEWS Network" brought to you by Blondie's Trophy Room and Lor Foundation. I'm Connor Shreve.

Everyone's going to have to get up and speak somewhere, and whether it's at work or at school or job interview, and to be able to be confident, one of the games we play is very first day is called applause. And all you do is get up and say your name and take a bow and everyone claps. But it releases that fear of being up in front of people, of speaking. And so just being confident in your own skin.

Anita has been teaching performing arts to youth for many years. She started her business in 2012 when she lived in Canada, where she was already teaching voice lessons. She started doing afterschool productions and working with local schools to develop performing arts programs.

It builds community besides your own personal confidence. Then you can come to the table more confidently, but with respect, even if you don't agree with everyone's ideas. And that's something to learn too in theater, right? I might have different choices than you, but I still need to respect your choices.

One of LB Production's key programs is called The Empowerment Project, which empowers kids of all ages to get involved with performing arts.

It really stemmed out of me seeing a need for kids to feel more empowered, more valued, that their ideas matter, that their dreams matter. And just because they're little doesn't mean you're small.

LB Productions currently offers private voice classes for ages four and up, a sketch comedy and improv class for ages 12 to 15, and an improv and musical theater class for ages five to 12. Week long summer camps will be offered in conjunction with Escalante Days in Dolores. A new adult vocal performance workshop is also launching soon.

Our motto that every person has gifts and talents and they just need to be discovered and nurtured. And I was fortunate enough to work with a group of adults. I hadn't even anticipated doing this, but adults who had physical challenges. And we saw the most wonderful breakthroughs just by giving somebody a chance. And so I never want to discount anyone

To get involved with any of LB Productions' programs or classes, you can visit their website. Summer programs will soon be open for enrollment. Learn more about this story and others at Thanks for watching this edition of the "Local News Network." I'm Connor Shreve.


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