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2nd Annual Festival of Wreaths to Brighten Cortez


Community Connections in Cortez will offer more than 40 festive holiday wreaths for sale during its annual Festival of Wreaths that runs from November 22 through December 5th. Sponsored by Alpine Bank

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More than 40 holiday themed handmade wreaths will be up for auction during the second annual Festival of Wreaths. An awareness raiser and fundraiser for the community connections in Cortez. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Alpine Bank. I'm Hannah Robertson Rynetta Smith has been stretching the boundaries of her wreath making creativity. As the artist who's creating the holiday icon for the annual Festival of Wreathes scheduled for November 22nd through December 5th. Smith an employee with Community Connections has spent the last few weeks handcrafting dozens of wreathes to attract high bids for the fundraiser. Some of her themes are based on color, other celebrate horses or Charlie brown, farm life, or just plain whimsy.

I like making any types of wreaths, I've made anything from Halloween to harvest ones to farm house wreaths, Christmas, just pretty much anything anybody has asked me I have done and I figured out how to make them. But I think my biggest thing is I like to see how my work lightens peoples' lives.

Surprisingly Smith's started making wreaths only about three years ago, then perfected her art by watching YouTube videos and practicing. This year she estimates she's made about 20 of the 40 wreaths that will be on display in Cortez businesses for two weeks. As part of the fun, you can pick up a map and ballot at the Colorado Welcome Center. Each wreath will have a password placed next to it. Follow the map, write down the passwords of 25 or more wreaths and be entered into a drawing for one of four $50 gift certificates from the Cortez Retail Enhancement Association. An online auction to bid for one of the wreaths will go live from December 3rd through the 5th. So dress up your front door or your office with a new holiday wreath and benefit Community Connections.

Our mission is to help create opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives like the rest of us and with us.

To learn more visit to bid on a wreath go to Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Hannah Robertson.


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