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Annual Children's Festival Revived Outdoors


The Montelores Early Childhood Council ramped up the fun for the 12th annual Children's Festival by moving the venue to Veteran's Park in July. Sponsored by Keesee Motors and FASTSIGNS


An outdoor party in the park ramped up for the fun factor at the 12th Annual Children's Festival that had a serious mission. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Keesee Motors and Fastsigns of Durango. What could be better than a day at the park where you can run, play games, get your face painted, or slip up a snow cone? How about knowing that your child is ready for school? The Montelores Early Childhood Council revived it's children's festival this year outdoors at Veterans Park in Cortez and organizers say the venue attracted many more families to the 12th annual event, but behind all the fun was a serious mission. Screening the kids for hidden issues that may interfere with their learning, growth, and development. The music, food, and fun were enticements to encourage families to have their children screen for social, emotional and mental development, growth, dental health, and other health related issues.

So we know as early childhood professionals that the earlier they're identified, the better outcome. And so this helps families just get a one-stop shop and hopefully get referred where they need to go.

The children's festival had been held during the 8th Health Fair at Cortez-Montezuma High School in April, but COVID canceled this year's event. Event organizers say the outdoor venue was a success and they may keep the festival under the sun in the future. Montelores Early Childhood Council is a nonprofit that advocates for policy changes that supports families and healthy early childhood education and development. To learn more, visit


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