Colorado Election Official: Voter Fraud Rare

Southwest Colorado confirmed COVID-19 cases by county: La Plata (269 resident, 33 non-resident), Archuleta (55 resident, 48 non-resident), Montezuma (132), Dolores (3), San Juan (6). Deaths due to Covid: Montezuma (3), Deaths among cases: LaPlata (2), Montezuma (1),,
Colorado COVID-19 totals: 67, 217 cases, 7, 454 hospitalized, 2,033 deaths among cases, 1,935 deaths due to COVID-19, 858, 108 tested, 681 outbreaks,
The Colorado COVID-19 Modeling Group reports that through late August, infection increased while hospitalizations plateaued. If physical distancing remains at 65%, we will see gradual growth in cases and/or hospital demand.
Governor Polis extended the face-covering order through October 12th. The next phase of re-opening is Protect Our Neighbors.

Voter fraud is nearly non-existent, and mail-in balloting a number of safeguards are in place to protect the integrity of each vote, according to the President of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association.



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