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From Poultry to Pantry Goods, Fair Exhibits Entertain


Whether you're a country mouse or a city mouse or someone in-between, you couldn't help but enjoy the wide variety of exhibits found at the Montezuma County Fair. Sponsored by Boutique Air and Cortez Airport


The fairgrounds teemed with activity on the last Saturday of the Montezuma County Fair as friends, family, and fans wander through exhibits to marvel at their neighbors' handy work for the year. You're watching the local news network brought to you by Boutique Air and the Cortez Airport. The Montezuma County Fair offered a feast for the eyes with nearly two dozen classes of exhibits from pigs to poultry to pantry goods. Flower displays showed off gardeners' talents while root vegetables represented the midsummer harvest. Quilts, fine art and photography display the many artistic talents of Montezuma county residents. Market lambs, and wool producers bleated alongside nanny goats and their kids. One suffering the indignity of a fluff from the hairdryer so she would attract a high price at the livestock auction. Cows bellowed at each other. Others just stood passively, enjoying a brush, waiting for their turn in the auction ring. Hens roosted, ducks preened, pigeons pecked at their cages. The only animals missing this year were the rabbits, replaced by stuffed bunnies because of the threat of hemorrhagic disease. Colorado State University extension agent Greg Philson said, "The livestock auction generated more than $275,000 in bids for about a hundred animals, including $7,300 from Hunter Goodall's grand champion steer. The reserve grand champion steer raised by Dannika Goodall drew a winning bid of $7,100." Proceeds from the auction go to individual 4-H livestock owners to defray their costs and to save for college, or as one 4-H-er said, a brand new truck when he's old enough to drive. Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network.


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