Locally Produced Fiber, Crafts Featured in Cortez Shop

When a Cortez-area store discontinued its line of high-quality yarns, the area's knitters, weavers, crochet enthusiasts, and fiber producers formed a collective and opened a store to provide a source for their fiber crafts and a market for fiber producers. Sponsored by The Timbers at Edgemont Highlands, the Cortez Airport, and Boutique Air

Galloping Goose Museum Reopens in Dolores

The Galloping Goose Historical Society will operate its Dolores museum this summer after a year's closure caused by the pandemic, but whether the Goose will fly down the tracks this season remains to be seen. Sponsored by Big-O Tires and Keesee Motors

Retinal Detachment Needs to Be Treated ASAP

If you start seeing an abnormal amount of "floaters" in your eyes, or you start losing your sight a little at a time, as if a black veil were slowly lowering, call your ophthalmologist immediately for treatment. Sponsored by Southwest Eye Consultants

New PCC Ag Program to Support Local Farmers, Ranchers

Farming ain't what it used to be, and that's a good thing, says the coordinator for a new agriculture program at Pueblo Community College. That's because climate change, the need to build local food supplies, and food insecurity are changing the way that people view food production. Sponsored by Cortez Airport and Boutique Air

Sleep Critical to Weight-Loss Strategies

A number of sleep studies indicate that getting adequate sleep can facilitate weight loss. PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition founder Ashley Lucas explains why. Sponsored by PHD Weight Loss.

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