Cortez Commemorates ‘New’ Veterans Park

Visitors to Cortez and the Colorado Welcome Center will now know how much Montezuma County residents honor their veterans with the dedication of City Park to Veterans Park.

How to Avoid Power Struggles with Kids

Do you find yourself constantly in power struggles with your kids? Dr. Doug, a family psychologist, provides some strategies to avoid power struggles by sharing control with your kids.

Replacing the ‘Windshields’ of Your Eyes

When your car’s windshield gets too scratched or pitted, it obscures your vision, and you replace the windshield. You can do the same if your eye’s cornea is scarred from injury or disease.

Agencies Join Forces to Protect Bears

Local, state and wildlife organizations have joined forces to coordinate bear education and tracking efforts to reduce human-bear encounters during bears’ annual fall feeding frenzy.

Folk Artist Carves Roadside Attraction

All that Montezuma County folk artist Dave Sipe needs to create a carving is a chainsaw, a chunk of wood and the inspiration the wood gives him. Stop by his roadside museum on the way to Cortez.

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